The passage of time is a common thread in the concept of Couvillion's work but it carries through to the aging of the pieces and the richness of the patina.    

The natural process of oxidation will add depth and character to the piece, as the patina of time is an anticipated and desired effect in the design.  Personal body chemistry and amount of wear are factors in determining how rich and distinct a piece will become as it becomes your own.  Exposure to the elements will accelerate the process and exposure to chemicals (such as in cosmetics, sunscreen, pools, cleaning agents, etc.) will drastically change the patina.  

Jewelry cleaners and polishing compounds are not advised for the etched portions of the pieces that are patinated, as it will remove the patina around the etching.  We suggest wiping the pieces with a soft cotton cloth after each wear.  A stiff jewelers grade polishing paper can be used lightly on the top of the etching, if needed.