Nine Muses Cuff Bracelet

Nine Muses Cuff Bracelet


The Nine Muses collection is from a map from the 1880's featuring the streets in the Lower Garden District where I have created art and jewelry for ten years.

It is silhouettes of the houses, showing the architectural vernacular - our beautiful side galleries or curved porches, which allowed for the river breezes to flow.

  • Material - Sterling Silver
  • Dimensions - approximately 1.25 x 6 inches (adjustable)



This section of the Lower Garden District was planned by Barthelemy Lafon who intended it to be a sophisticated area lined with trees, markets and parks.

Being a lover of the classics, he named the streets after the nine muses of Greek Mythology: Calliope, Clio, Erato, Thalia, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Euterpe, Polymnia, and Urania


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