Hailing from New Orleans, Brandi's creative side has always been inspired by the built environment around her and the various states of its decay, as well as the fleeting ephemera we often fail to appreciate each day.  

Her jewelry work comprising metal etchings of historic New Orleans maps - some dating from as early as the 1700s culled from archives - make permanent an ephemeral aspect of our city’s history.


From raw sheets of metal they transform into jewelry through an intensive, handcrafted process involving heat image transfers, various etchants, patinas and polishes, as well as hammer forming, ultimately becoming small, wearable archives in suspension.

This adornment immortalizes the transitory landscapes of New Orleans’ history: from trade routes and forgotten swamps to abandoned asylums whose architectural residue still decorates the landscape today.

Brandi's mixed media jewelry lines are composed, quite literally, of lost fragments from the past - from remnants of Victorian era shoes to porcelain dolls excavated from old world privies with a local salvage expert.

The Ephemera line is inspired by evanescent objects crossing our paths daily, featuring embossed impressions of leaves, feathers, petals and antique laces, which leave whispering traces on a metal canvas.  These boldly interpreted designs also highlight antique escutcheons and hinges, bringing forth the recurring importance of architectural history.

Ultimately, Brandi Couvillion's work blurs the lines between the past and the present, weaving the historic antiques with a contemporary chic.